Victims of the Redux

Nightmare Redux
Adorables: Gutted
Jester: Killed offscreen
Bob: Killed offscreen
chicagovader: Killed offscreen

Nightmare Redux 2: Lastpicked's Revenge
FDK: Sliced in half by K2K
Lastpicked: Blown up by the power of phpBB

Nightmare Redux 3: Ass Warriors
lostmind: Decapitated
CK: Donkey balls to chest
ziggy: Split in half by ban-saber
PDB: Killed by ban-saber
Mike: Killed by ban-saber

Nightmare Redux 4: The AssClown Master
Deadite82: Dildo to ear
Sonof100Maniacs: Dildo to ear
Michael Myers: Dildo to ear
RIP: Dildo to ear
Gryphon Krueger: Dildo to ear
PhoS: Dildo to ear

Nightmare Redux 5: The Ass Child
KingofHorror87: Flying dildo to eye
Thoracic Disruptor: Dildo pierces skull
Necropophagus: Gags on Dildo
InfernoRiff: Dildo to stomach
cablegirl: stabbed in throat with dildo
PrimeTimeBitch: Dildo to groin, toys in mouth

K2K's Dead: Yet Another Redux
Dark Hippie: Sodomized, neck broken
Rod Hertz (The Ass Child): Thrown into wall
Chaos Gurl: Chokes on dildo
Gloveman: Sodomized, neck broken
JohnSaintJohner: Heart pierced with dildo
The Grimnir: Decapitated
K2K: Dildo-saber ignited in ass, searing insides

Nightmare Redux 7: The Curse of Lysianassa
Deathbed: Fucked to death
Undertaker: Fucked to death
Keener: Fucked to death
Uberkitty: Thrown in the Rumor Pool
Lysianassa: Beheaded, falls in Rumor Pool
Mechadragon X: Donkey balls to...uh...balls, falls in rumor pool

Nightmare Redux 8: The Return of Lastpicked
Mr Sawyer: Stabbed in face with dildo-claw
Scott: Loses penis in Gunnar Hansen's anus
FBD: Commits suicide to avoid posession
Bouncy X: Beheaded
Tom K: Death offscreen, probably involved beer

Nightmare Redux 9: Uber-Redux
Jeffrey Combs: Decapitated
Matt27: Dildo-glove to neck
phantomprowler86: Butt-pirated to death
Jaffe: Falls in Rumor Pool
Schoolgirl 1: Eaten by Jaws (not that way and wrong JAWS)
Schoolgirl 2: Eaten by Jaws (see above schoolgirl)
JAWS: Eaten by...uh...Jaws

Nightmare Redux 10: Lastpicked vs. Grimnir
Rod Hertz (The Re-Animated Ass Child): Skull smashed on a tombstone
All previously unmentioned board members: Varying causes from an attack on a circle jerk party
FreddyFan: Dildo rips through chest
Lastpicked: Fate depends on ending
The Grimnir: Fate depends on ending
Fyre: Fate depends on ending
K3K: Fate depends on ending